Step 1: Add the desired firearm(s) to your cart. Then proceed to checkout.

There, you will be able to enter all of your contact information including, name, billing and shipping address. You should also be able to select your Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer.

• An FFL dealer is required to accept the firearm(s) and is authorized to legally transfer ownership to the purchaser. FFL dealers can be found at a local gun shop, gun range, or even a pawnshop. You cannot legally purchase a firearm without going through an FFL dealer.

Step 2: Find your local FFL dealer.

If you are unable to find the FFL dealer you prefer or if your preferred dealer does not have a valid license, follow these steps.

  1. Contact the FFL Dealer.

  2. Request a copy of their valid license.

  3. Once you have the FFL Dealer license saved on your computer, Click on ‘Contact Us’ located at the right of the page on

  4. Click ‘Upload Your Own License’

  5. Choose the file containing the FFL Dealer License from your computer and enter the license number in the text box below.

  6. After uploading your own FFL, proceed to checkout.

    At Best Ammo Store, we operate as an FFL distributor. So, you can order your firearms from our online website and have it ship to your FFL dealer.

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